Ensuring Quality Through Comprehensive Engineering and Testing Practices

Rigorous quality engineering and testing ensure robust products, meeting high standards for reliability, functionality, and user satisfaction.

Our testing range

Web apps

When examining your enterprise or consumer web app, we will focus on ensuring the proper functioning of back end and fronted components, their smooth performance, and airtight user data security.

Desktop apps

Our team will audit your software compatibility with operating systems and hardware, its stability under normal and critical conditions, and data integrity.

Mobile apps

Testing your customer-facing or enterprise mobile app, Transition will verify its alignment with the specs, cross-device usability, load and stress resilience, and network connectivity.

Cloud software

In every cloud deployment model – public, private or hybrid – we are able to spot potential weaknesses and bottlenecks, rooting out detected deficiencies and recommend improvements.

Quality assurance consulting

We will devise a tailored testing strategy or improve on your established QA processes that proved inefficient.

Quality assurance consulting

QA methodology & tools

Test documentation

Our software testing services

Well-versed in the full range of quality assurance services, our testing specialists can examine your software end to end or focus on the aspects you find the most critical.

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Functional testing

We will test the entire functional scope of your software against the requirements and estimated performance metrics. Functional tests will verify how well the entire system operates, what results it yields, and which aspects need to be improved.

Performance testing

Our team will evaluate how stable and responsive the software is under normal and extreme workloads. Subjecting your system to an individual set of tests on stress resilience and load endurance, we will assess its compliance with performance criteria and detect scalability limits.

Usability testing

Itransition will inspect your software from the target audience’s perspective and determine how intuitive and user-friendly it is. Our team will develop a variety of real-life interaction scenarios and thoroughly reenact them all in order to uncover UX/UI faults and bugs and measure the solution’s fitness for use.


Compatibility testing

We will overview how well your product fits in with its target environment and whether it is capable of full platform-agnostic operation under varied circumstances. Itransition’s specialists will examine how the software interacts with different types of hardware and software, operating systems and networks, devices and browsers,

Managed testing

We will devise a tailored testing strategy or improve on your established QA processes that proved inefficient.


Business objectives

Project goals, specifics and risks

Current QA-related issues


Methods and tools Deliverables

Roadmap and timeline

Role distribution


Test execution Monitoring

Roadmap and timeline

Role distribution

We deliver a full suite of quality assurance services – tell us what you’re looking for

Test automation

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Automated testing life cycle

Cyber security testing

We will run a multi-faceted evaluation to measure the level of the system protection and the safety of sensitive user data. Our team will scan for vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure, the client & server sides, as well as perform a series of simulated tests to reveal all possible security flaws.

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