Food & Beverage Services

Helping to build strong customer relationships, transact in new ways, and grow your food and beverage business. Adsgrill connects every guest interaction to back-of-house operations so you can deliver better business performance and exceptional customer experiences.

Future Trends and Innovations in Restaurant Technology Solutions

Transformed the food and beverage industry by enabling efficient operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving business growth

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Manage and Improve your Restaurant Services with automated POS System

Integrate POS System with kitchen display systems, printers, and mobile devices to facilitate seamless communication between front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Online Ordering and Delivery Platforms

Food Delivery – Bringing Meals to Your Doorstep 

Allow customers to place orders from their mobile devices or computers, improving convenience and expanding the restaurant’s reach. Integration with POS systems and kitchen management software ensures smooth order processing and delivery.

Online Ordering and Delivery Platforms

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Personalizing your Kitchen Operations with Adsvanced IT Solutions

Reform order routing, reduce errors, and improve communication between the kitchen staff and servers. KDS can prioritize orders based on cooking time, track order progress, and ensure timely delivery of food to customers.

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Table Reservation and Wait-list Management

Automated process of Reservation to enhance the Customer Experience    

To make online reservations, view table availability in real-time, and receive notifications about their seating status and optimize table turnover, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction by effectively managing reservations and wait-lists.


Staff Scheduling and Labor Management

Efficient Staff Scheduling and Labor Management to create a Unified Environment

Creating work schedules, managing shift changes, and tracking labor costs, employee availability, skill sets, and labor laws to ensure optimal staffing levels. Automated scheduling helps reduce labor inefficiencies, control costs, and improve employee satisfaction.

Staff Scheduling and Labor Management
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Adsgrill Restaurant IT Services

Adsgrill Food & Beverage Services IT Solution Projects

Food Ordering and Delivery System

User-friendly platform, effortlessly explore menus, order customization and secure online payments.

Restaurants Management

Software solution that enables restaurant owners and managers to efficiently manage various aspects of their business.

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