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Telemarketing and VoIP Service

Promoting products or services over the phone, which evolved with the integration of VoIP, allowing companies to reach a broader audience and streamline their operations.

Telemarketing Management

Adsgrill offers a comprehensive CRM solution that combines telemarketing and lead management systems to boost the efficiency of your inside sales team. Our software includes a range of features such as bulk call scheduling, VOIP auto-dialer, call activity recording, and incoming call routing. Additionally, Adsgrill’s CRM software facilitates lead distribution, enables out-of-the-box mail merges and emails, provides customizable reports, and offers graphical dashboards. 

Revolutionizing Telemarketing and VoIP Management
Balancing Information, Resources
Telemarketing and VoIP Service - Dashboard


Provides a centralized platform where you can access and manage various aspects of your communication system, including call logs, analytics, settings, and more.

  • Features and Functionality 
  • Streamlining Telemarketing Operations 
  • Analyzing Performance Metrics and Analytics
  • Enhancing Customer Interaction and Lead Management 
  • Increasing Efficiency and ROI 

Call Cost Manager

Ensure that businesses comply with all call regulations and requirements. It provides tools to manage call exemptions, call costs, and call management.

  • Overview of Telemarketing and VoIP Service
  • Leveraging VoIP Technology to Optimize Telemarketing Calls
  • Enhancing Efficiency and ROI
  • Future Trends and Innovations in Telemarketing
Telemarketing and VoIP Service -Call cost manager
Telemarketing and VoIP Service - Voice Mail Campaign

Campaign Management

Allows you to create and manage telemarketing or sales campaigns efficiently. Track the performance of your campaigns, monitor call outcomes, and adjust strategies as needed.

  • Targeting the Right Audience
  • Streamlining Outreach Efforts
  • Personalization and Customization
  • Real-time Monitoring and Analytics
  • Optimizing Resources


Send and receive text messages directly from the VoIP service dashboard, enabling efficient and convenient communication with your clients or team members.

  • Overview of Telemarketing and VoIP Service Messaging
  • Leveraging VoIP Service Messaging 
  • Advantages of Using VoIP Service Messaging in Telemarketing
  • Best Practices for Telemarketing Messaging
  • Compliance and Privacy Considerations.
Telemarketing and VoIP Service - Messages

Features of Telemarketing & VoIP Service

Outbound calling

Lead generation

Appointment setting

Market research

Scripted conversations

Reporting and Analytics

Benefits of Telemarketing & VoIP Service

  • Cost Saving

    Significant cost savings compared to traditional communication methods. By leveraging internet-based technology, businesses can reduce expenses associated with long-distance calls and hardware infrastructure.

  • Scalability

    Allowing businesses to easily expand or downsize their communication capabilities as needed. Adding or removing phone lines and features can be done quickly and efficiently.

  • Flexibility

    With VoIP services, employees can make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility enables remote work, enhances mobility, and supports distributed teams.

  • Efficient Communication

    Call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and conference calling capabilities streamline communication processes and ensure effective collaboration & Efficient communication.


Telemarketing-voip-service - FAQs

It is a tool that enhances the efficiency of telemarketing by facilitating the process. It enables you to swiftly reach out to a vast number of individuals. To ensure seamless telemarketing operations, your software solution must possess a highly dependable and effortlessly automated calling system.

A CRM system is a software tool designed to assist businesses in effectively handling their customer interactions, encompassing telemarketing tasks. This powerful tool enables telemarketers to efficiently track and manage leads, arrange call schedules, and store conversation records. Moreover, it offers valuable customer insights, such as contact details, purchase records, and interests.

Telemarketers employ various tools to achieve their objectives, which include:

1. Telephone: The telephone is the fundamental tool of telemarketing. Telemarketers utilize it to contact potential customers and deliver their sales pitch.

2. Call scripting: Telemarketers often rely on call scripts to stay focused and convey a consistent message to potential customers. Call scripts also assist in preventing errors.

3. Auto-dialers: They enable telemarketers to make a larger number of calls in a shorter time-frame. These tools automatically dial phone numbers and connect the telemarketer to the next available person.

4. Call recording: Call recording serves multiple purposes, such as training telemarketers, identifying areas for improvement, and resolving customer complaints.

5. CRM software: CRM software aids telemarketers in tracking leads, scheduling calls, and recording conversations. It also provides customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and interests.

6. Lead generation tools: Lead generation tools assist telemarketers in finding potential customers by collecting their contact information, such as name, email address, and phone number.

7. Data analysis tools: These tools track metrics such as the number of calls made, leads generated, and sales closed. This data allows telemarketers to evaluate campaign effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

These are just a few examples of the tools telemarketers utilize. The specific tools employed may vary depending on the company and type of telemarketing being conducted.

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