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Project Management

Integrating ERP for Project Management brings together the power of streamlined business processes and efficient project execution.

Unify your data and processes to drive Efficiency and Growth
Project Planning

Thorough project planning for successful execution and delivery.

Resource Optimization

Efficiently managing resources to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

Real-time Tracking

Instant insights for real time effective decision-making strategies.


Streamline your business operations and stay on top of projects with our dynamic ERP for Project Management Dashboard.


Transform your business with seamless ERP integration and agile project management for streamlined efficiency and success.

Project Management - Client


Seamlessly integrate project management for efficient, streamlined operations. Empower clients with comprehensive solutions.


Unifying operations for seamless efficiency. Task Manager empower teams to deliver success through organized collaboration.

Project Management - Tasks

Features of Project Management ERP Software

Plan and schedule
View all your important project plans in a single location and assign resources effectively.

Collaborate and manage tasks
Ensure that your team and clients have reliable plans by clearly communicating goals, dependencies, and deadlines.

Budget and forecast
Efficiently create budgets and forecasts based on your project plans, resource plans, or existing financial plans.

Digital assistant
Simplify routine tasks, like tracking time or monitoring project progress and financial status, by using voice or text commands on your smartphone.

Analyze and predict
Gain valuable insights throughout each project phase and anticipate potential issues before they arise.

Cost Capture
Ensure consistent cost capturing practices across all departments and systems, including Oracle Cloud applications and third-party platforms.

Cost Control
Maintain control over project expenses and commitments throughout the entire procure-to-pay process, allowing you to stay within budget.

Cost Management
Access real-time information on committed and actual costs, whether you are invoicing clients, overseeing capital asset projects, or monitoring internal expenses.

Digital Assistant
Utilize Oracle Digital Assistant to ask specific project costing queries, benefiting from its ability to learn from project details and provide personalized recommendations.

Capital projects
Manage and oversee capital projects, as well as determine the total costs for constructing, installing, or obtaining fixed assets for your organization.

Capital asset and retirement costs
Efficiently handle the processes related to capital assets, such as creating assets, tracking costs, distributing expenses, capitalizing assets, and handling adjustments and retirements.

Capital project performance
Gain immediate access to information on capital asset transactions that require attention, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your projects.

Attain a comprehensive overview of projects and programs
Make informed decisions with ease by accessing project and program performance data, and obtain a holistic understanding of all projects integrated throughout the organization.

Facilitate communication with stakeholders
Ensure alignment and clarity among all stakeholders by effortlessly sharing updates on program progress and financial performance.

Improve your organization’s cash flow and meet your customer’s demands efficiently through automated project invoicing.

Ensure contract adherence
Utilize billing controls and analytics to guarantee that your projects consistently adhere to the terms of the contract.

Simplify project and contract management
Efficiently bill customers and accurately recognize revenue by establishing flexible relationships between projects and contracts.

Comply with revenue recognition standards
Stay in line with your organization’s financial accounting regulations by appropriately recognizing revenue.

Supply and Demand of Resources
Maintain a current overview of projects, skills, and finances to effectively manage your workforce and meet project requirements.

Optimizing Resource Usage
Monitor your team’s workload and make necessary adjustments to staffing based on availability to ensure maximum efficiency.

Enhancing Resource Skills
Retain valuable employees by aligning their skills and career trajectories with suitable projects.

To ensure on-time project delivery, visibility, collaboration, and control are essential

Efficiently handle various project types, such as time-and-materials and fixed-price jobs. Seamlessly strategize projects, foster teamwork, maintain order, and ensure project progress.

Benefits of ERP-Project Management Software

Improved project planning
Increased collaboration
Better resource management
Enhanced visibility

The Challenges that Adsgrill's Self hosted Project Management Software Solves

Mobility and Accessibility

Restricted Project Status Visibility: Gain easy access to real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and customer information through project dashboards, reports, and Gantt charts.

Ineffective Tracking: Efficiently organize calls, activities, tasks, and events, all linked to specific projects within a unified platform, ensuring real-time resource tracking.

Unreliable Project Budgeting: Leverage Adsgrill’s Profit and Loss (P&L) functionality, automated job creation, and progress reporting to enable managers to assess project profitability based on actual data.

Manual Project Setup: Utilize automated job creation, project templates, and seamless integrations right from the project’s initiation, enhancing operational efficiency from project inception to final payment.

Connect your project management software with more than 100+ business apps for seamless integration
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Conveniently handle tasks directly within your Gmail app! and also effortlessly synchronize them with Google Drive and your Google Calendars.

integrations icons slack 100x100 1

Easily distribute all your project discussions within your preferred Slack channels.

integrations icons jira 100x100 1

Make the most out of Jira by easily accessing and modifying all of your Project Manager tasks to improve productivity.

integrations icons project 100x100 1

Effortlessly import and transfer Microsoft Project plans, Excel files, and CSV files without any disruptions.

zapier logomark white

Ensure a seamless data flow by utilizing our Zapier integration to connect with Salesforce.

Project Management Software - FAQs

Here are some specific examples of how ERP can be used for project management:

  • Task management: ERP can be used to track project tasks, such as their status, due dates, and assigned resources.
  • Resource management: ERP can be used to track project resources, such as people, equipment, and materials.
  • Cost management: ERP can be used to track project costs, such as labor, materials, and overhead.
  • Risk management: ERP can be used to track project risks, such as potential delays, budget overruns, and quality problems.
  • Reporting: ERP can be used to generate reports on project performance, such as progress, costs, and risks.

The most important part of an ERP is its integration. For example, an ERP system might be integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, a human resources (HR) system, and a manufacturing execution system (MES).

Project management software is a software application that helps project managers to plan, track, and execute projects. It can be used to manage all aspects of a project, from tasks and resources to budgets and risks.

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