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Journal Management

A software solution designed to help streamline the publishing process for academic journals. This system provides a centralized platform for managing submissions, reviewing manuscripts, and communicating with authors and reviewers.

Streamline, Organize, Elevate: Empowering Your Journal's Journey with Precision.
Automated Workflow Management

Efficiently streamline tasks and processes with automated workflow management.

Manuscript Tracking and Reporting

Efficient system for monitoring and reporting manuscript progress and updates.

Collaboration and Communication Tools

Efficient connections for seamless teamwork and coordination.

school management (dashbaord)

Author Panel

Streamline your publishing process with our intuitive Author Panel – your ultimate tool for journal management success.

  • Submission Process
  • Peer Review
  • Communication
  • Manuscript Tracking
  • Revision and Resubmission

Editor Panel

Efficient, intuitive, and collaborative: The Editor Panel that simplifies journal management for maximum productivity and seamless workflow.

  • Selection of Manuscripts
  • Peer Review Process
  • Editorial Decision Making
  • Journal Policies and Guidelines
  • Managing Editorial Workflow
School management ( transport )
school management (academic )

Reviewer Panel

The reviewer panel enables reviewers to access and review submissions, communicate with authors and editors, and make recommendations on publication.

  • Access Control and Authorization
  • Dashboard and Overview
  • Task Assignment and Workflow
  • Document and Data Review
  • Audit Trail and Logging

Workflow Management

Streamline your journal publication process with Workflow Management, the efficient solution for seamless editorial operations. Boost productivity today.

  • Submission and Initial Review
  • Peer Review Process
  • Revision and Resubmission
  • Editorial Decision
  • Copyediting and Proofreading
School management ( transport )

Features of Journal Management System

Manuscript submission

Peer review

Production and publishing

Marketing and promotion

Benefits of Journal Management System

Improved Efficiency
Enhanced Quality
Increased Transparency

Journal Management System - FAQs

A journal management system (JMS) is a software application that helps publishers manage the editorial, production, and publication processes of a scholarly journal. A JMS can automate tasks such as article submission, peer review, editing, and layout, freeing up publishers to focus on other aspects of journal management.

An electronic journal management system (EJMs) is a software application that helps editors and publishers manage the workflow of a journal, from submission to publication. EJMs can automate tasks such as manuscript submission, peer review, and production, and can help to improve the efficiency and transparency of the publishing process.

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